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Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:33 pm
by Skyler

In this tutorial, I will be explaining how to properly gather evidence to report an abusive player. This tutorial does NOT explain the format needed to report a player. Please refer to Player Complaint Template/Rules for the proper format.<br/>

Screen Shots

Screen shots are the fastest and easiest way to record evidence of an abusive player. By default, pressing F12 in-game will capture your screen. From then on, pressing Shift+Tab to open the Steam overlay and clicking "Screen Shots" at the bottom will open your screen shot folder. Select your screen shot and upload it to your profile. Open Steam on the WEB BROWSER, locate the screen shot and save the screen shot by right clicking the photo. You can then upload the screen shot on the forums for people to view.

Recording Videos

This is the hardest but most effective method of reporting abusive players. A lot of people don't use this method as they believe the only way to record in-game is through third party screen recorders such as FRAPS. This is not the case, there is a built in video recorder with any Source game and it is easily accessible. In order to record videos, you must have the Console enabled (Settings > Keyboard > Advanced Settings > Enable Console). From then on type "record [name]" in console the moment you notice someone is causing problems and type "stop" in console once its over. Keep in mind the forums will only accept small files so try to keep them short. If the file ends up being too large for the forums, upload your video to a third party platform like Drop Box. You can view your videos in-game by pressing Shift+F2 or type "load [name]" in console. A good tip for recording with console is to enable "Voice_loopback 1" before recording. This will allow your microphone to be heard though the demo when replayed. To disable this, type "Voice_loopback 0" when done.

Uploading Videos

Uploading videos recorded in-game can be a bit challenging. The best way to go about this is to use youtube and link it.

Obtaining Steam IDs

This is a very important part of reporting someone for abuse. ALWAYS double check your Steam IDs using Steam ID Finder which can be located here: Steam ID Finder will also link you to the players profile which is also useful. After making sure the Steam ID is correct, add it to the complaint.

Additional Information

Reporting users on the forums is a great way of dealing with abusive players when an Admin is offline. I highly recommend you report abusive players using the CORRECT FORMAT which can be located here: REPORT TEMPLATE

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